Our Story

As a Southerner, hailing from Georgia and living at the time in California, writing screenplays and fishing in my off time, I found myself becoming more intrigued and rather obsessed with bass fishing. The people, the love, the competition, the storytelling and the passion for fishing reminded me of the home I had left behind. 

But, when I did have to work or take meetings I still wanted to dress nicely and show my love for the sport. I scoured the internet and every tackle shop for clothing that fit my style and represented what I love, but couldn’t find it anywhere. 

At the time, I had just finished a screenplay about an “M.C” (Motorcycle Club), where I designed the logo, the patches, and the motorcycle vests for the film. When the vests were completed, the designer that helped me put them together said, “ya know, these are rad! If the movie doesn’t work out, I’m sure you could  sell them.”  Of course, I didn’t think of selling something so personal, but it did spark the idea for making the clothing that I had been searching for. 

After giving thought to who I am, where I’m from and the eclectic group of friends with whom I fish, that included, a Veterinarian, Fire Fighter, Construction Workers, businessmen, a College Student, an Animal Trapper, mixed in with people that worked at the studios in Hollywood, not to mention all the people I knew back home in Georgia, that fished religiously, to all the amazing people I met while bass fishing around Asia. I realized how amazing it is to associate with so many people with different backgrounds and cultures that come together for the love of fishing, telling stories about fish, the ones they caught and especially the ones that got away and that one common goal each of us has of catching that one “BIG OL’ FAT BASS” that’s out there somewhere. 

Searching for that one big bass represents hope and knowledge. It represents purity and spirituality between nature and us. Thats why nothing feels better than putting in the time and hard work to catching that one big fish. We dream about it, we obsess over it. 

That’s what Fat Bass is. It’s hope and knowledge. It's style. It gives you a chance to show what you love, and what you’re about in any setting. Whether you’re on a golf course, at a business meeting, at an event or hanging with your family.  Fat Bass shows your true feelings of, “While I might be here, I’d always rather be fishin’!”


CEO / Founder 
- Lawrence Michael Parker