¡Respeto! ✊

Respetar la captura 🎣 , respeta la liberación 🐟 ¡y respeta a los dos veterinarios que capturan estos hermosos peces! @driftless_veteran y @warrior_2_bass 💪🏻 🇺🇸 💯 Mucho respeto señores 🤙🏼

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Amanda Armstrong (who works for me) gave me some of your merch for my retirement. For 26 more days i am Vice President of Gulfstream Aerospace. When I showed my wife she said order some more. I just did. I am from TN and have bass fished my entire life. After April i am spending a week on Dale Hollow chasing brown fish!! I fish the Savannah river and Santee Cooper lakes out of a Phoenix 921. Thanks for the cool merch!!

Bill Williams

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